Friday, March 20, 2009

#32 Burro's tail

Burro's tail. It's a succulent—a desert plant like a cactus, but not with any pokey-parts.
The dice and game card aren't usually there.

I got this from my friend Steve. He has his in a pot and takes it in in winter. I dug mine up and took it in the first year, but the next year I left some out, and this year I left it all out. Seems to have survived fine, though it doesn't stay in the very same place. Some babies live, and some older plants get walked on (because it's right by the back door), but it's doing well!

I read up on it and it's from Mexico. In an image search, it showed people using it as a hanging-basket plant.

The photo above is a couple of years old, and was taken for the lyrics game, when the word was "dark."

Lately I find images for each new word, but early on I was setting the cards in various places, rolling dice and photographing the two of them. Some of those photos are fun. I did it on a trip to the zoo, and on a trip to Colorado.