Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Purple with flowers on the ends

In April 2012 I asked on facebook about a plant someone gave me. In January 2013, I found a message in a folder called http://www.houseplantsguru.com/setcreasea-purpurea, from someone nice named Toddy, who sent me this link. Setcreasea purpurea.

Now I need to find the photo. I looked through all my facebook entries in early 2012 and didn't see it. In India, in the housing society where Pushpa lives, there was landscaping, and there were long areas full of that plant, right outside. So last summer (2012) I planted some outside in the planter outside our room (SW of the hot tub, north of the lilacs) and it was very happy. I expect the winter will have killed it, but I have some more inside the house.

Here it is: