Monday, October 20, 2008

#28 Moonflowers

A couple of years ago I had moonflowers all up the high side of the end of our house. I think that wall is about 17' tall.

I skipped a year, from social obligations and schedules. They really are difficult to get started here.

This year there were a few, and those in a pot did better than others.

And here's a moonflower that didn't every fully open because the days are still warm but the nights are cold.

More on my moonflowers here, with photos of the HUGE seedlings (and I'll add seed pod photos there in a couple of months):

I forgot to make photos of the seed pods. I'm writing in April 2009. The few seeds I got last year didn't germinate, but I still had bought seeds, and I have seedlings started in peat pots.

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