Monday, August 11, 2008

#13 Strawberries

My friend Laine (Viviana) moved to Arkansas (Calontir) in the winter, and Keith and Ben helped her load up. So she gave them, to give me, some pots that had been on the patio, in the yard, somewhere. Outside plants. So when Spring came and they got some water, things came up in a couple of them. Early on, this made one biggish strawberry which I ate. Then in early August it made two, and Keith and I ate them. There's one little stunty one that seems to have stalled out small.

That was a fun surprise.

When I was little, we used to find wild strawberries up in the mountains. My dad would take us camping fairly often and we'd climb around and eat the strawberries we would find, but they were like the end of your little finger (if your hand is small) and there wouldn't be more than four or five on a plant.

So this is not native, but it also came up in my yard without my expecting that it would!

strawberry blossom, March 2009:

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