Monday, August 11, 2008

#9 Morning Glories

I have had morning glories in my yard nearly every year since I was little, and usually they come from seed from the same yard. Below is one growing out onto the sidewalk. It won't last, but I am pointing to it with my shadow nose and finger:

In three places, we have compost piles enclosed by hogwire bent onto itself into a circle like a bin, a couple or three feet across, and staked to the ground. Then there's plastic net fastened with bag ties from the top edge of that up to the roof gutter in one place, and into the trees on two others. There are two great benefits: The flowers cover up the compost pile, and the presence of the flowers gets the compost watered (or watering the compost benefits the flowers). Sometimes we go a long time without rain here, and compost won't work when it's really dry, but it can seem a shame to just water the compost pile. So this creates symbiosis, and lack of guilt, and beauty. The lump on the right is the compost bin, but the plastic goes both straight up to the branch, and over to the tree, and there are flowers planted all around the tree too.

Here's the one by the back door that goes up to the gutter, and some close-ups of blossoms.

There are photos of seedlings and a video of the way they look for a wire or string or branch and then twine (not a video I made) here:

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