Sunday, August 10, 2008

#2 Tumbleweed

Walking around the patch of goatheads from post #1, there is a tumbleweed.

If you click the picture, and then click that one, you can get a closeup.

This is a half grown tumbleweed. It's not the size that makes it halfgrown, it's that there aren't flowers or seeds forming yet. If it gets a lot more water it will get bigger. It's already two and a half feet tall.

Tumbleweeds are another plant I have already documented. There are only five, so don't think I've already done the whole hundred. I'll probably never get to a hundred, seriously. I probably won't get to fifty. I'll try, though!

Oh, one more thing! That tumbleweed and some of the other plants that have grown so fast due to recent rains have lifted goatheads up two feet from the ground. Goatheads usually lie flat on the ground, but the presence of other plants can give them a boost up.

Added February, 2009:
A tumbleweed by the road on Indian School near Pennsylvania. Not tumbling. Just being. On the right near the car ahead, in the first of the three photos:

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Sandra Dodd said...

I didn't mean to say there are only five tumbleweeds, but that there are five plants I've already made web pages for. Sheeesh.... There must be five million tumbleweeds...