Monday, August 11, 2008

#14 Tulips

These came from the grocery store, which is walking distance. They bloomed when they were new last year and in their pots. I put them in the yard and they came up and bloomed again, early this spring! Hooray!

I like the way the sun came through and lit them up.

2009 update:

Five this year! Six!

2012: Eleven blooms (and one small one maybe going to open), but they're crossing paths with the ever-larger chamisa that's a few feet from them, and if the wind blows hard, it's going to beat them up. I could cut the chamisa... or move the tulips before next year, maybe. Or let them co-exist awkwardly.

There are some pink tulips next to them, also originally from the grocery store, also thriving.

2012 (the pink ones came from the grocery store, too, and are peacefully coexisting).

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