Monday, August 11, 2008

#6 Ornamental Plum

I'm glad to be corrected on any of what I think I think these things are. I don't doubt I could be wrong about "the real name" of something, and there are regional differences.

These are in the same back yard as the cottonwood (it's peeking up over the top there), but at our old house we had two of them (planted in the 50's, not doing so well by 1990), and I got another wounded one one 4th of July when the kids were little. I had been sent with $30 to get fireworks, and came back with $15 worth of fireworks and a $15 plum tree with wounded bark. We patched it up and planted it. We don't live there anymore, and our renters don't water trees enough, but somewhere I have a photo of that planting day and I hope to add it here the next time I come across it.

The wood from these trees is really nice. When we bought our new house there was one in the back yard, just the trunk and some dead branches, and it's beautiful dark hardwood (hard for New Mexico, anyway).

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