Friday, August 15, 2008

#21 Mint

For this we need some html for scratch'n'sniff, and I don't think that's available yet. Just walking through it or touching it stirs up the wonderful smell, though.

There was a bunch of mint growing in front of my friend Jeff's house and they were going to move, so I dug some up. They didn't like it. It kept coming up under the border, on the lawn, because it spreads by roots. I think that's fine!

This has some of the mint from the photo above (lower right) and some vinca (#11 below, near the tree trunk):

Here are some clickable enlargeable ones. The tallest plants get to be 2 and a half feet tall or so (75 cm or a little more). The babies come right up from spreading roots, and there are some near a New Mexico quarter and a Flair pen (sorry for those without full famliarity with Flairs and quarters). Oh! And one of those, I noticed when I saw the full size image, has some dead bug parts. Grasshopper and maybe a spider? One of those with the quarter.

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Sarah said...

Wow--you are going wild on this Challenge!!! I'm learning so much from all your posts!! And your pictures make it look like you're having a wonderful time doing this.

Can't wait to read more!!