Sunday, August 10, 2008

#5 Arizona Cypress

Those trees in the header art above? Arizona Cypress. This is another tree people with allergies cringe from. There's a whole row along the back edge of our yard. I took the photo looking almost straight up, trying to get a big patch of sky. Two have died since they were planted in the 1970's. There's another one, BEAUTIFUL, in our front yard.

It's the big one to the right. And here's a view from beneath it looking out. I have bird feeders in there:

In the Spring when it gets hot, I guess the little cones (they're round, not conical, but they still get the coniferous terminology) break open and the pollen just drifts down like dust.

They drop sap, which isn't good. It looks like amber, sometimes. (Well it kinda IS like amber, but raw. )

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